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  Deep Roots Urban Teahouse   Francis Aviani - Oakland, California
    “Design & Layout  Services was able to work both "out of the box" and "within the lines" to develop a functionally innovative space. They immediately understood how tea houses are different than coffee houses and the accommodations to standard foodservice design that needed to be made. Attention to tea storage solutions, the availability of different water temperatures and allowing for adequate prep space proved to be invaluable to the final tea house design and functionality.” - Deep Roots Urban Teahouse  


  Sweet V's Cappuccino, Conversation, Catering   Valinda Dickerson - Oxford, North Carolina
    “We did not have a clue as to how to go about starting this business. We had tried to work with a local company, but it took them forever to get a preliminary drawing, and when they finally did, they left out important pieces of equipment. Your expertise made things a lot easier on us. You even talked to the health department in Granville County to find out about our specific rules and regulations. We could not be more pleased with your services. Thanks again for all your help!” - Sweet V's Cappuccino, Conversation, Catering  


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  New York Coffee   Doug Boys and Mike Clucas - Manama, Bahrain - Arabian Gulf
    “As an international customer, Design & Layout Services has been flexible in working with our special needs. They have been professional and thorough and allowed us to focus on the big picture. Design & Layout Services has helped us avoid many mistakes and headaches. We highly recommend Design & Layout Services, and plan to use their services again for future stores.” - New York Coffee  


  Artista Coffee   Tom Baker - Burnsville, MN
    “Words can not explain all of the help, guidance and expertise that Design & Layout Services provided to Artista Coffee. The designs were very efficient and set us apart from the normal coffee shops in the area. I have over 20 years of real estate experience and have worked with architects and planners on many projects. I have yet to find one that provides the detailed plans that will allow accurate construction costs, as Design & Layout Services has provided us. I can whole heartedly recommend them to any and all who want a quality product with cost effective design.” - Artista Coffee  


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  Charlie Bean Roasted Coffee   Charlie Mangus - Mustang, OK
    "There are few times when a company follows through with what they say they are going to do. Design & Layout helped us complete our project to meet our needs with positive suggestions for our area and demographics. Tom Palm the owner even came to see that our design was installed correctly. We are very please with Design Layout and will use them again on our next store." - Charlie Bean Roasted Coffee  


  Perks Espresso & Smoothies   Heidi Gorishek - St. George, UT
    "Design & Layout Services have been absolutely wonderful to work with. They helped us with the design layout of a remodel for our current location. We have had one “issue” after another with our architectural firm - which required extensive changes to the design aspect of the job. These changes were all done without even a pause (or a frustrated word) on their part. They made a difficult and stressful situation - a positive for us! We really cannot say enough good things about them…and we loved their design!" - Perks Espresso & Smoothies  


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  Pep Stars Java Cafe, Coffee, Smoothies and More   Cynthia Ellis - Bowie, MD
    "The PEP Stars Java Cafe is delighted to exclaim that the professional guidance and expertise provided to us by the staff of Design & Layout Services were the key ingredients that led to the seamless opening of our dream café. They provided us with quality design and technical support, helped us navigate through the endless red tape presented by our local health department, and offered us their invaluable insight that enabled us to be as efficient and effective as possible. We couldn't have done it without you!" - Pep Stars Java Cafe, Coffee, Smoothies and More


  The Curious Cup Coffeehouse   Tressa Dunn - Erie, CO
    "It is a huge undertaking to open a coffeehouse. But, Design & Layout made that part of the whole process easy! From the first very informative conversation, they were second to none in how pleasant, professional, and easy they were to work with. I used someone else to buy my cabinets and most of my appliances and I regret having done that on a daily basis! Design & Layout Services created a wonderful space for me that I am often told it is the nicest coffee shop people have ever seen. If we expand, I will use Design & Layout for everything!" - The Curious Cup Coffeehouse  


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  California Fusion Juice and Smoothie Bar   Terri Matthews - Enola, PA
    "I was new to the smoothie and coffee industry and my greatest concern was the design and look of the location, how to lay it out in a functional order and who had the expertise to help me? Design & Layout Service Team was knowledgeable in so many areas which made the process so uncomplicated. The contractors could not believe how easy it was to follow the plans and thus we received solid bids from the plumbers and electricians. The transition from empty space to operating space became a reality in no time. They held my hand through the entire process. I would recommend their services because they make this experience of opening a café an effortless process!" - California Fusion Juice and Smoothie Bar  


  Goodrich Coffee & Tea   Arthur Fuerst - Clarence, NY
    "Just a short note to tell you how pleased I am with your services. You and your people are a credit to how business should be done. From the time I started working with you two years ago to now; your company has been nothing short of excellent. The coffee shop looks wonderful. The layout has really maximized our efficiency. Every comment I have received has been of amazement. Comments range from "Is this a chain?" to "This store is beautiful!" Can't wait to do our next project with you guys." - Goodrich Coffee & Tea  


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