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  Sunbeans Coffee & Brewing Company   Darci Castillejos - Menifee, California
    “Design & Layout Services were great to work with! You kept me informed throughout the whole planning process, with phone calls and priority mail. I absolutely love my cabinets, they are perfect in terms of functionality, as well as beautiful to look at. I look forward to another opportunity to work with Design & Layout Services.” - Sunbeans Coffee & Brewing Company


  Java N' Ice Coffee House & Creamery   Steve Morse - Omaha, Nebraska
    “Thanks to your firm, we came up with a solid plan, and drawings that satisfied the landlord. Best of all, when we took the plans to be approved by the city planning office, they were approved in just 4 business days—a process that we were told normally takes 2 to 3 weeks. I attribute this to the fact that the plans were organized and detailed. I truly appreciate the expertise that you offered at such an important phase in the development of Java N’ Ice. As a project manager, the saying ‘Start good, finish good’ truly applies to this project. We started off great with Design & Layout Services.” - Java N' Ice Coffee House & Creamery  


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  C & D's Welcome Cafe   Christina Zehnder - Redondo Beach, California
    “My name is Christina, owner of the Welcome Café. I just wanted to write you and say that you have been very knowledgeable and helpful in opening my café. I appreciate that you kept in constant contact with me… adjusting the things that needed to be changed, and getting back to me in a timely manner. The experience in working with Design & Layout Services has been an important part to getting our business of the ground. We respected and counted on your input and creativity… and could not be where we are at without your help. It has been just plain fun working with you.” - C & D's Welcome Cafe  


  Wildflower Cafe   Debbie Peppa - Minocqua, Wisconsin
    “I would like to thank you for your assistance with my project of the cafe. Your dedication and support was very much appreciated. I don’t know anybody who would have been as helpful as you were. Staying up to all hours of the night when walls moved to get the project done, driving four hours to wrestle with the contractor and all by the deadline. Amazing! Having products coming from all over the country and coordinating it was above what I would have ever expected. The design work is wonderful. You managed to capture every market that I could imagine. Who would have ever thought that you could design around all my requirements and obstacles, which we all know were many. It was a pleasure to work with a team as professional and knowledgeable as Design & layout Services.” - Wildflower Cafe  


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  Caffe D'Bolla   John Piquet - Salt Lake City, Utah
    “We first attended Design & Layout's Seminar at Coffee Fest in Seattle. We never knew how many steps were involved in designing out a space. After getting outrageous pricing from local architects with little or no coffee shop design experience, and speaking with several of Tom and Brent's references, our decision to use Design & Layout Services was easy. Brent and his team went through many different design changes until everything was perfect. If you have a small space, a large space, an odd space, or any space you will not find anyone to utilize every square inch better than Design & Layout Services.” - Caffe D'Bolla  


  Coffee Central   Doug Johnson - Fridley, Minnesota
    “I recently hired Design & Layout Services to assist me in opening our first coffee shop. It took only one phone conversation with the Health Department to realize I needed their expertise. Now having gone through the entire journey of opening a coffee shop, I can say with confidence, one of the most important decisions I made was hiring Design & Layout Services. I had the overall plan, but when it came to details, DLS had the answers. From determining how high the espresso bar should be, to dealing with the city inspectors and Health Department, to purchasing the right equipment, Design & Layout Services proved to be indispensable. I more than highly recommend DLS, I urge anyone seriously looking into the coffee shop business to use their services. You will save time and money. We opened our shop two weeks earlier than projected due to Design & Layout Services’ professional, timely care on our project.” - Coffee Central  


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